Almond Board Env. Stewardship          
Editorial Calendar            
April through August 2007          
Month PNP Publication Date Editorial Deadline PNP Insert  Story Feature Story Press Releases  
June 5/23 5/9 CCD (CH);  Soil fumigant blurb (GL/MK); Technology Conf. Blurb (GL) Expanded Tour Feature for website (deadline April 30 MK) ; Soil Fumigants and VOCs (deadline May 21) Burn Deadline (deadline May 1 MK)  
July/Aug 6/23 6/5 Cover Story: Water Quality: Update on monitoring results, return the surveys! (MK Grower Feature for PNP magazine on burn alternatives and deadline May 15 deadline)    
Sept/Oct 8/23 8/5 Cover Story: Weed & Pest Control Pheromone mating disruption?