Environmental Information
for the California Almond Industry
Air Quality Issues and the California Almond Industry

Air Quality in the Central Valley of California is a prime focus of the almond industry. The state's almond industry is addressing the concerns about air emissions generated by almond production practices with research funded by growers through the Almond Board of California and working in partnership with the University of California,  the public and government regulators.

California almond growers face challenges on these air quality fronts:

* Controlling ozone emissions from internal combustion engines.
* Controlling particulate matter known as PM10 or  PM 2.5.

Current Research

Current Almond Board Activity

Current regulatory and legislative activities click here.

Air quality in the news--click here for the latest headlines on air quality issues affecting California almond growers.

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Harvest Time

 “Low-dust” harvester manufactured by Flory Industry is shown at work during the Kern County 2004 harvest. (Photo courtesy Flory Industry)

Personal Commitment to Air Quality

Almond growers in the San Joaquin Valley are adopting environmentally friendly practices as they work to enhance air quality. Fresno County grower Tom Steffen uses a mix of molasses and water to suppress dust on his orchard's road. Click here (requiresAdobe Acrobat Reader) to read more about how almond growers are meeting the challenge of  improving air quality.

Innovation is the key to air quality solutions in California almond industry- - Tradition has been a byword of the California almond industry for nearly a century. But as air quality issues rise to the forefront of public concern, it is the industry's well-established knack for innovation that is helping to produce practical solutions. <more> Almond Board of California press release July 10, 2004

Environmental Champion Award

The EPA recognized the California almond industry for its leadership on environmental issues when it named the Almond Board a Champion for Pesticide Environmental Stewardship. Click here to learn more.